Accel Synchro Summon is the method of Summoning the new Accel Synchro Monsters. This type of Synchro Summoning was first seen in Episode 74, used by Bruno as Dark Glass.

The Accel Synchro Summon varies from the normal use of Synchro Summoning. All of the monsters utilized for it are Synchro Monsters, including the Tuner monster. Accel Synchro Summoning can be performed even during the opponent's turn. In the anime, this ability is given to the Accel Synchro Monsters, while in the OCG/TCG, its given to the Synchro Tuner Monsters instead.

In the anime, it has been implied that in order to perform this type of Synchro Summoning, one must achieve Clear Mind at the time.

Accel Synchro Monsters are still Synchro Monsters.


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