Battle City Rules are enforced by Seto Kaiba during the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! (Battle City Tournament). They are as follows:

  • Players play with a deck of at least 40 cards. (According to the Japanese Version of episode 54 and the decklists of the characters who dueled in Battle City)
  • Players begin at 4000 Life Points.
  • One Normal Summon per turn per player. Monsters can be summoned in face-up Attack Position, face-up Defense Position or face-down Defense Position.
  • Level 4 or below monsters can be summoned during a normal summon (e.g. "Kuriboh", Level 1)
  • Level 5-6 monsters need one Tribute in order to normal summon (e.g. "Summoned Skull", Level 6).
  • Level 7-9 monsters require two Tributes to normal summon (e.g. "Dark Magician", Level 7).
  • Level 10+ monsters require three Tributes to normal summon (e.g "The Winged Dragon of Ra", Level 10).
  • When a Fusion Monster is Tributed, that monster "counts" as more than one tribute. The count is equal to the number of monsters used to Fusion Summon it.
  • Fusion Monsters must wait one turn after they are Summoned before they can attack.
  • If your opponent has no monsters in play, you are free to attack his or her Life Points directly, reducing their total by the monster's ATK value.
  • Each player must ante at least their rarest card and a minimum of one Locator Cards in their possession. The winner of the duel obtains their opponent's card and Locator Cards wagered.
  • Both players cannot look into their opponents respective Graveyards.
  • If you have to discard cards from your Hand or Deck, you do not have to show them to your opponent.
  • You must stick to the tournament's list of forbidden and limited cards. That means, you are not allowed to have more then one copy of "Monster Reborn" in your deck. Cards that were banned from the tournament include "Hinotama", "Meteor of Destruction" and "Raigeki". Egyptian Gods were legal though.
  • Players were not allowed to use two or more Magic Cards of the same name that increase a card's ATK points within the same turn.

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