Contact Fusion (sometimes referred to as "Fusion Tag") is a "special" type of fusion used by Elemental Hero Neos or by Gladiator Beasts, where the Fusion Material Monsters are sent from the field to the Deck (and "Polymerization" is not used). In the case of the "Neos" Fusion monsters, monsters created as a result of this type of fusion typically have an effect that returns them to the Extra Deck at the end of the turn they are summoned.

Although not exactly the same, the VWXYZ series Fusions and "Armityle the Chaos Phantom" are summoned from the Extra Deck by removing their Fusion Material Monsters on the field from play (sometimes nicknamed as "Removal Fusion"). Because of this, some players consider it a form of Contact Fusion, as well.

Contact Fusion can be considered the conceptual predecessor to the new Synchro Summoning method, since it also involves summoning a special monster from the Extra Deck simply by having certain monsters on the field. The Contact Fusion method of the Gladiator Beasts, in particular, may have lead up to this, since their form of Contact Fusion is generally unspecific as to what monsters must be used for it, and Synchro Summoning generally only requires that a Tuner Monster and monsters of the correct Level be on the field.

Rules on Contact Fusion:

  • All monsters must be on the field involved in the fusion.
  • If a monster is face down and you want to use it for contact fusion you must show it to your opponent(s) (not flip) before moving it to its respective destination, e.g., a Neos going back into the deck. Gladiator Beasts go back to the deck. VWXYZ and Armityle the Chaos Phantom monsters are removed from play.
  • Contact fusion monsters can be revived from the graveyard as long as they were summoned by contact fusion first.
  • If a monster were to be destroyed and used in contact fusion, e.g., if you use Rescue Cat to summon Gladiator Beast Samnite and use it in contact fusion, it stays in the deck or is removed from the play zone.

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