Derek runs a Dimension Deck, focusing on a banishing strategy featuring special effect monsters, most of them being of the DARK or LIGHT Attributes. The Spells and Traps in his deck normally serve to protect his monsters and disrupt his opponent's strategy. As his deck evolves, he gradually shifts his focus from banishing monsters to swarming, while continuing to utilize his signature card, "Crush Card Virus".


Reigns of a New ChampionEdit

Pre-World Tournament QualifierEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Billy & Bart 1 Win (with Shawn Myers)

During the time before the 2018 World Tournament qualifier, his deck utilized various monsters and Magic/Trap cards capable of banishing themselves and the opponent's monsters. Notably, his signature card (through all chapters) is "Crush Card Virus", although he tries to use it only when he's low on options. His main plan consists of using "Dimensional Fissure" or "Macro Cosmos" combined with his Different Dimension monsters to gradually leave the opponent with no resources to fight back with, then using "Belial - Marquis of Darkness" to finish things off, all the while gaining Life Points with "Soul Absorption".


World Tournament QualifierEdit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Celeste Vantage 1 Win
Don Gojira 16 Win
Shawn Myers 22-24 Win

During the qualifier for the 2018 World Tournament, his deck was changed noticeably to incorporate more cards to take advantage of his banishing strategy, such as the Helios monsters and "Necroface". He also included "Gravekeeper's Servant" to combo with "Dimensional Fissure" or "Macro Cosmos", locking the opponent out from attacking.



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