Fusion-Substitute Monsters can be used as replacements for Specific Fusion-Material Monsters listed on a Fusion Monster, as long as the other monster(s) used are the correct one(s) for the Fusion Summon. The Fusion Substitute Monsters are used as direct replacements when using "Polymerization" and "Fusion Gate" for a Fusion Summon.

Fusion Substitutes cannot be used for:

Also, you can only use one Fusion Substitute Monster per Fusion Summon.

Fusion Substitute MonstersEdit

Regarding Elemental Hero PrismaEdit

"Elemental Hero Prisma" is not considered a Fusion Substitute Monster; its effect makes the card no longer treated as "Elemental Hero Prisma", and instead it is treated as the sent monster. So, you are able to use "Elemental Hero Prisma" as a Fusion Material Monster for cards like "Cyber End Dragon" or "Cyber Blader". You can also use "Elemental Hero Prisma" and a Fusion Substitute Monster to perform a Fusion Summon.

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