Gemini Summoning (Second Summon is the Japanese term) is the Normal Summoning of an already face-up Gemini Monster.

This game mechanic was introduced with "Tactical Evolution", and is used only with Gemini Monsters. Before being Gemini Summoned, Gemini Monsters on the field are treated as Normal Monsters, but once they have been successfully Gemini Summoned, they are treated as Effect Monsters and gain the effect written on their cards.

A Gemini Summon differs from a Normal Summon in only two respects:

  1. It is performed on a monster that is already face-up on the field, and
  2. It does not require the player to Tribute any monsters for Gemini Monsters of Level 5 or above.

Other than that, the Second Summon is a Normal Summon, including the fact that it is counted towards the number of Normal Summons a player is allowed to perform in their turn (usually 1). Several support cards for Gemini Monsters increase this limit, or perform the Second Summon without using up one of the allowed Normal Summons.

Since a Gemini Summon is a Normal Summon, it can be responded to by any cards that respond to a Normal Summon, such as "Trap Hole" (if the ATK of the Gemini Monster is over 1000), "Torrential Tribute" or the effect of "Mysterious Puppeteer". The Gemini Summon itself can also be negated by cards such as "Forced Back" or "Horn of Heaven".

Also, Gemini Summoning a Gemini monster will NOT:

  • Force any equip cards to lose their target and be destroyed. (e.g. If Birthright is removed from the field, the Gemini is still also destroyed)
  • Remove any conditions applied to that monster. (e.g. Swing of Memories will still destroy the monster at the End Phase)
  • Remove any counters on it.
Also see: Card Rulings:Gemini Monsters

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