An Infinite Loop is a never-ending cycle of cards trying to resolve.

Because of this, a ruling was introduced that states you may not activate a card knowing that it will cause an Infinite Loop with No Net Change.

  • An example with No Net Change: You control a "Jinzo", a monster that negates all Trap Cards. You equip Jinzo with "Amplifier" so that your Trap Cards aren't negated. You activate "Imperial Order", a TRAP CARD that negates all Spell Cards, including "Amplifier". "Amplifier" would allow you to use "Imperial Order's" effect so that "Amplifier," a Spell Card, is negated. Then "Jinzo," equipped with a useless "Amplifier," negates "Imperial Order." Therefore, "Amplifier's" effects activate, allowing you to activate "Imperial Order." This Infinite Loop would go on forever if "Amplifiers"'s card lore didn't say that it cannot be negated. In this case, "Imperial Order" will not negate the effect of "Amplifier" at all, resulting in "Amplifier's" effect resolving. This has been left to easily explain an Infinite Loop with No Net Change.

See Pole Position's rulings for more examples of Infinite Loops with No Net Change.

Net Change is when a Loop is activated that has a change occur for certain. After the Loop is active it will continue until it stops producing a change and then the card causing it will be destroyed by Game Mechanics.

When the Loop is controlled by a player, the Loop can be stopped at any time by that player. As such, a Controlled Loop is legal for use.

  • An example of a "Controlled Loop": The Quillbolt Loop. This uses Quillbolt Hedgehog's ability to Special Summon itself by having a tuner on the field and follows by having a "tribute for damage" card on the field. Using Imperial Iron Wall prevents Quillbolt Hedgehog from being Removed from Play. Rinse and Repeat.
  • Another example: The Flint Equip Loop. This uses Flint and two Flint Lock to pass the Flint back and forth. The spell card Morale Boost is used to gain 1000 Life Points every time an equip is equipped. Because no Equip card leaves the field, the 1000 Life Point loss is never reached. This allows a player to gain infinite Life Points while the opponent may be powerless to stop it.

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