The Playing Field is the area where duels are carried out. Gamemats and Duel Disks are often used as Playing Fields. Each player has their own Playing Field with 5 Monster Card Zones, 5 Spell/Trap Card Zones, a Graveyard, and spaces for the Main Deck, Extra Deck, and a Field Spell Card.

The field referenced by card effects is the combination of each player's Monster Card Zones, Spell & Trap Card Zones and Field Card Zone. Thus, the field is shared and each player has one side of it.

Overview of the Playing Field
FieldCardZone5DS1 MonsterCardZone5DS1 MonsterCardZone5DS1 MonsterCardZone5DS1 MonsterCardZone5DS1 MonsterCardZone5DS1 GraveyardZone5DS1
ExtraDeckZone5DS1 Spell&TrapCardZone5DS1 Spell&TrapCardZone5DS1 Spell&TrapCardZone5DS1 Spell&TrapCardZone5DS1 Spell&TrapCardZone5DS1 DeckZone5DS1
  • The top right Zone is your Graveyard Zone, where your Graveyard is kept, also known as the "Discard Pile". Cards destroyed on the field, or discarded from the hand are sent here, unless specified otherwise.
  • The bottom right Zone is the Deck Zone is, where the Main Deck is placed. You may draw one card from it per turn during your Draw Phase, unless a card effect specifies you may not do so.

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