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Absorb Spell +Anime  +
Amazoness Chain Master 2 +Anime  +
Attack Guidance Armor +Anime  +
Battle Ox +Anime  +
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning +Anime  +
Blue-Eyes White Dragon +Anime  +
Bottomless Trap Hole +Anime  +
Brain Controller +Anime  +
Card Destruction +Anime  +
Card Guard +Anime  +
Card of Demise +Anime  +
Card of Holiness +Anime  +
Castle Gate +Anime  +
Chain Summoning +Anime  +
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End +Anime  +
Chaos End Dragon +Anime  +
Chaos God Dragon +Anime  +
Chaos Ultimate Dragon +Anime  +
Chasm of Spikes +Anime  +
Clone Reproduction +Anime  +
Command Silencer +Anime  +
Cost Down Ultimate +Anime  +
Crush Card Virus +Anime  +
Dark Magician +Anime  +
Dark Magician Girl +Anime  +

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