The Removed from Play Zone (also known as the Removed Zone, the Removed Pile, and unofficially as The Different Dimension) holds your Removed from play Cards. While present here, they are face-up, unless removed by the effect of Lightforce Sword or Different Dimension Capsule. While not explicitly mentioned on Playmats, the Removed from play Zone is typically:

  • Represented Vertically above your Graveyard.
  • Represented Vertically to the Right of your Graveyard.
  • Represented In between the Field and the player.
  • The GX anime establishes the Removed from Play Zone as being in the controller's pocket.

Video Games have represented the Removed from Play Zone in the first two locations. Because of space constraints, many Duelists will choose to place their Removed from Play Cards horizontally above their Graveyard.

A "Removed from Play Zone" does not currently exist on Official Gamemats, since they are not considered part of the Duel.

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