{{Var}} is a technical template allowing a default value to be specified if a given parameter is empty. This is useful because when a template uses something like {{{param|default}}}, and it is called with |param= (with no value given for param), the default value default will not be displayed.

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Ritual Spell Cards


Ritual Spell Cards are used to Ritual Summon Ritual Monsters to the field, and require the following conditions to be met in order to be activated:

Relevant Icon: Ritual

Activating a Ritual Spell Card can tend to be somewhat demanding, and for that reason Ritual Spell Cards are arguably the least used Type of Spell Card. The only Ritual Spell Cards that have even seen minor use tend to be 'universal' types such as Contract with the Abyss, which can summon any DARK Ritual Monster. However, the only Ritual Spell Card that has seen major play is "Advanced Ritual Art", due to it being able to use monsters from the Main Deck, thus being much less demanding than traditional Ritual Spell Cards. However, as this card fueled the then-powerful Demise OTK Deck, "Advanced Ritual Art" has since been Limited, thus mitigating the Ritual Monsters' usefulness.

Starting in Stardust Overdrive, Ritual Monsters appear to be making a return to the game, with a few new mechanics being added. Of note here, the Ritual Spells for "Divine Grace - Northwemko" and "Garandolph, Devil King of Destruction" have secondary effects that can be activated by removing the Ritual Spell Card from the Graveyard. "Divine Grace - Northwemko's" "Ritual of Grace" prevents a Ritual Monster from being targetted by a card effect for a turn, while Garandolph's Ritual of Destruction empowers a Ritual Monster to return a monster to the top of its owner's deck rather than sending it to the Graveyard when destroying it in battle for a turn.

In some early Video Games, Ritual Spell Cards were colored Blue (like the OCG/TCG Ritual Monsters), instead of the usual Green.


List of Ritual Spell Cards

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