A Spell Counter as it appears in various card artworks

A Spell Counter is a specific type of counter that can be placed on certain cards whose effect allows them to gain Spell Counters. Such cards usually have an effect that allows them to gain Spell Counters (often, but not always, simply gaining 1 whenever a Spell Card is activated). For example "Skilled Dark Magician". Other cards, such as "Pitch-Black Power Stone", have effects that allow them to place Spell Counters on other cards.

A Spell Counter itself does nothing. Certain cards require Spell Counters to use their effects.

Spell Counters are usually centered around Spellcaster-Type monsters. The Structure Decks, Spellcaster's Judgment and Spellcaster's Command contain a number of Spell Counter related cards.

Also see: Spell Counter Decks.

List of cards involving Spell CountersEdit


Spell & Traps Edit

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