A Structure Deck is a retailed, pre-made Deck. It is similar to a Starter Deck, but is based on a certain Type, Attribute, or strategy, or in Japan even a Yu-Gi-Oh! character. Each deck is designed to be playable straight from the box. As opposed to Starter Decks, Structure Decks can include many of the exact same cards. They are made to play with them, unlike starter decks, that are made to learn how to play. You can get cards that are good for your structure deck in booster packs.

OCG & TCG Structure Decks

Dragon's Roar - Zombie Madness - Blaze of Destruction - Fury from the Deep - Warrior's Triumph
Spellcaster's Judgment - Invincible Fortress - Lord of the Storm - Dinosaur's Rage - Machine Re-Volt - Warrior's Strike

OCG Only

Yugi - Kaiba - Joey - Pegasus
Yugi Volume 2 - Kaiba Volume 2 - Joey Volume 2 - Marik
Wave of Flashing Light - Curse of Darkness - Revival of the Great Dragon
Advent of the Emperor - Zombie World - Lord of the Magicians

TCG Only

Rise of the Dragon Lords - The Dark Emperor - Zombie World - Spellcaster's Command

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