The Winged Dragon of Ra
UKM English: The Winged Dragon of Ra
Flag of the Arab League Arabic: تنّين رَع المجنّح
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese: 拉的翼神龍
Flag of Croatia Croatian: Krilati Zmaj Ra
Flag of France French: Dragon Ailé de Râ
Flag of Germany German: Geflügelter Drache des Ra
Flag of Greece Greek: Ο φτερωτός δράκος του Ρα
Flag of Italy Italian: Drago Alato di Ra
Flag of South Korea Korean: 라의 익신룡
Flag of Portugal Portuguese: Dragão Alado de Rá
Flag of Spain Spanish: El Dragón Alado de Ra
Flag of Thailand Thai: มังกรเทพราห์
Flag of Japan Asian-English: THE SUN OF GOD DRAGON
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kanji): ラーの翼神竜
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana): ラーのよくしんりゅう
Flag of Japan Phonetic: Rā no Yokushinryū
Flag of Japan Translated: Ra the Winged God Dragon
Flag of the United Kingdom Manga: The Sun Dragon Ra
Attribute: DIVINE Divine
Type: Divine-Beast
Level: Level 10
ATK/DEF: ????/????
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|anime_dm = 060/087/088/091/092/096/097/127/128/138/139/141/142/145/147/182/183/185/221/222/223 |manga_d = 210/211 |anime = Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light |anime_mov = Present |adv = Illegal |ntrstatus = Forbidden |tscdc = 0 |tscnumber = 834 |tfknumber = 176 }}

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