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Type:Mass defines a dimension whose standard unit is kg, corresponding to the kg Mass unit in SI.

The format of this datatype in RDF Export is an XSD float.


The list below determines the supported mass units. Arbitrary SI-Unit prefixes such as k/m/M are not supported.

Unit Description Value and possible names Notes
kg kilogram 1 kg, kilogram, kilograms, kilogramme, kilogrammes standard unit, as in SI
g gram 1 kg corresponds to 1000 g, gram, grams, gramme, grammes
tonne metric tonne 1 kg corresponds to 0.001 t, tonne, tonnes
lb imperial pound 1 kg corresponds to 2.204622 lb, lbs, pounds
oz avoirdupois ounce 1 kg corresponds to 35.273962 oz, ounce, ounces there are other "ounce" measures, such as troy ounce for noble metals.
ton short ton 1 kg corresponds to 0.0011023113 tons, ton, short tons, short ton This is the "ton" used in the USA.
carat gram 1 kg corresponds to 5000 carat, carats Used for Gem mass
u atomic mass unit 1 kg corresponds to 6.02214151134e26 u, Da
Sol mass of Sun 1 kg 5.0274e-31 Sol

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